How Column Helps

Take Back Your Time

We help publishers make the most effective use of staff time for the public notice category. Our tools help your staff automate routine manual tasks like notice formatting, invoice reminders, and even the entire affidavit process.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Publishers using Column have seen a 50% reduction in operational costs for managing public notice. We cover costs typically incurred like card fees from payment processing and mailing fees for affidavits or proofs.

Make Customers Happier

Public notice is undergoing a generational shift. Our tools help publishers steward a new and improved experience for the vital client relationships your staff maintains. We have helped publishers deliver above a 95% customer satisfaction rating among their clientele using our tools.

Future-Proof Your Business

Laws and regulations on public notice are constantly evolving — we routinely launch new features and real-time updates that ensure your organization and your customers keep in compliance with the public notice process. From e-notarization to modern public notice search sites, our platform will help you stay ahead of the curve.

How Much Can You Save?

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What Publishers Are Saying:

“Having been in the publishing industry since 1985, and working with countless vendors implementing systems and processes, I've been really impressed with the Column team. Their responsiveness is remarkable and they seem to be able to solve every problem. ”

Melissa Carey, Southern California News Group

“We decided to launch a few pilot programs with Column and discovered many of our public-notice customers were open to the change. They had previous experience with other self-serve platforms and quickly understood the value of Column, especially the time savings.”

Cameron Nutting-Williams, CRO of Ogden Newspapers

“Our county treasurers were ecstatic. Column enabled them to create and place notices by themselves. Column has been absolutely necessary for our publications to compete in the digital world, and it only took a couple of weeks to integrate it with our legacy system."

Francis Wick, CEO of Wick Communications

“It became clear that with our rapid expansion, Column was critical for us to streamline our operations and relieve staff of the manual time they’d been spending on legals previously.”

Kathy Malm, VP of Sales at Cherry Road Media

“With Column, the extra work I picked up to handle all the legals keeps getting easier — the software has probably cut my time in half, at least. Using software like Column lets me streamline everything. It helps all of us do our best work for the paper.”

Rhonda Zinn, Butler County Times Gazette

“If your operation is anything like mine, we have way too much to do and too little time to do it. Column is like having a free extra employee who takes care of all the public notice efforts at my newspaper.”

Dan Thalmann, Owner of Washington County News

“I’d urge fellow newspaper companies to at least look at Column and talk it out, see if it makes sense within your organization. It’ll save you time. It’ll save you money. There’s nothing better you can ask for.”

Keven Zepezauer, President of Restoration NewsMedia

Column is free for publishers.

But how?
Column provides its software free of charge to newspapers and instead charges a nominal fee to the customers placing a notice with the newspaper for use of our self-serve tools.
This leads to a much more streamlined experience for governments, law firms, and private parties by providing an all-in-one platform to track, organize, and download all the information they need to fulfill their notice requirements. Our unique approach simplifies the onboarding process for publishers and allows us to offer our proprietary software free of charge.

What Customers of
Publishers Are Saying:

"Before Column, it took a long time (sometimes 3 days) from start to finish, including mailing-in my notice, having it created and sent back to me for checking, and then approving it, etc. I like that it is immediate, and you can see the outlay as it will be printed. I like that I can look back at previous notices; I can check what notices have not been paid, and my affidavits are online too. Column will save you time, it's efficient and user friendly."

Village of Sherman Clerk-Treasurer

"Sometimes it is very difficult placing a notice with a newspaper because you have to go to try and find their website, phone number, and/or email them with specific criteria. I wish I could simply place all of my legals through this tool. The processing fee is totally worth it."

Paralegal at Wilson, Brewer & Munson

"I place notices with multiple papers in Kansas and it makes my life a lot easier knowing there is the same process for everyone."

Paralegal at Millsap & Singer

“I like the ease of the site. It only takes a couple of minutes to upload my notice, see the proof, and quote! I love it!”

Legal Clerk for Lyon County, Kansas

“I sent in our legal notice using the new Column system and that was the simplest and easiest submission ever, I think everyone needs to take advantage of that!”

Manager for AECOM

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