Column Standard

Unlock Staff Efficiency With Outsourced Affidavit Management


With Column Standard, newspapers can deliver a self-serve experience and take advantage of our affidavit automation services. We’ll handle the entire affidavit process, including notarization. Your staff can stay focused on customer relationships.

Column Standard includes:

✔️ Everything in Starter
✔️ Automated Affidavits
✔️ Custom Branding & More!

Why Publishers Choose Column Standard




Eliminate Time Spent
on Affidavits

By agreeing to a limited agency agreement, you can enable Column to act as an agent on behalf of the newspaper to sign and notarize documents. Publishers can purchase a subscription for this service that is billed monthly or annually.

Enable Self-Serve Placement for Customers

With Standard, publishers can provide a self-serve experience for their customers to place public notices and legal ads with their publications.

Dedicated Account Managers & Customer Support

All publishers on Column Standard are staffed with a dedicated Onboarding Project Manager as well as Customer Success Manager to ensure a smooth transition and delightful experience throughout their use of our platform.

Take Their Word For It

“Having been in the publishing industry since 1985, and working with countless vendors implementing systems and processes, I've been really impressed with the Column team. Their responsiveness is remarkable and they seem to be able to solve every problem. ”

Melissa Carey, Southern California News Group

“Our county treasurers were ecstatic. Column enabled them to create and place notices by themselves. Column has been absolutely necessary for our publications to compete in the digital world, and it only took a couple of weeks to integrate it with our legacy system."

Francis Wick, CEO of Wick Communications

“It became clear that with our rapid expansion, Column was critical for us to streamline our operations and relieve staff of the manual time they’d been spending on legals previously.”

Kathy Malm, VP of Sales at Cherry Road Media

“I’d urge fellow newspaper companies to at least look at Column and talk it out, see if it makes sense within your organization. It’ll save you time. It’ll save you money. There’s nothing better you can ask for.”

Keven Zepezauer, President of Restoration NewsMedia

What’s Included:


Automated Affidavits

Custom Branding

Search Sites


Account Manager

Everything in Starter!

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