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We are a wildly talented remote-first team. Sure, our Columnists are software engineers, marketers, salespeople, operators, and designers. But, we are also musicians, authors, dancers, (recovering) lawyers, former startup founders, and even award-winning filmmakers.
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Remote First Work

We’re a remote-first company with team members on five continents around the globe. We work in a distributed, asynchronous fashion, minimizing meetings and maximizing the accessibility of information.

Stock Options

We are looking for mission-driven builders and hope many will stay with us on our path to an initial public offering. To recognize team members for their contributions, all Columnists are awarded stock options. We want the people who build Column to benefit from Column’s success.

Unlimited Paid Time Off

We offer unlimited paid time off for team members to take vacation or volunteer. We encourage team members to take the time they need to operate at peak performance and recommend that all Columnists take at least 15 days off per year.

Flexible Work Support

Columnists work from their homes, coffee shops, co-working spaces and more. To support your preferred work arrangement, we provide a one-time stipend to invest in a permanent or mobile office set-up. We also offer a recurring stipend to cover internet, phone bills and other expenses.

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

We know that health is of the utmost importance. We make top-notch health, dental and vision coverage accessible in all locations worldwide. We also provide financial security in some of life's most difficult moments with short- and long-term disability and life insurance.

Safe and Secure Retirement

We want Columnists to be able to achieve financial freedom and pursue retirement or other personal passions. To enable this dream, we offer a 401k with a 5% match in the United States, a pension plan with a 3% match in the United Kingdom, and are expanding to other countries.

Column Adventures

Choose your own adventure with our wellness stipend — whatever makes you feel healthy and whole. Some of the most popular choices include gym memberships, mental health therapy, student loan reimbursements, executive coaching and science-based happiness apps.

Parental Leave

We offer 16-weeks of paid parental leave per birth, adoption or fostering event. We trust our team members to make wise choices about when and how to build their family. So, Columnists can use this leave all at once or space it out across the first year after their family grows.

We want to cultivate a diverse community of interesting and interested people. To that end, we strive to provide competitive and equitable benefits based on your role, experience and location.


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