Introducing Column Pro

A Full-Service Public Notice & Legal Ad Solution

Combine our self-serve software with a suite of cost-saving professional services provided by our Column Reps, who bring decades of experience as legal reps at newspapers across the country.

Column Pro includes:

✔️ Column Reps for Order Management
✔️ Layout & Design Services
✔️ Everything in Standard & More!

Why Publishers Choose Column Pro


Column Reps

Our Column Reps act as an extension to a newspaper’s staff and take responsibility for the full lifecycle of public notice advertisements, including order intake, design, layout, pagination, proofs, invoices, affidavits, customer support, and more.

Layout & Design Services

Do you get a lot of display notices that need further formatting before publication? You can leverage Column Pro to handle display formatting and pagination — a great solution for publishers with limited capacity or staffing to handle all design needs.

Customizable Financial Dashboards & Reporting

Column Pro customers can enjoy better visibility into category performance and revenue reporting with our built-in financial dashboards. We will work with your staff to customize the insights that matter most for your business.

How Column Reps Work:


Manage Orders

Column Reps will manage your legal inboxes by communicating with inbound orders and customers. This will involve encouraging customers to use Column to submit their notices with our easy-to-use self-serve placement.


Customer Support

As notices are placed by customers, Column Reps will manage the full lifecycle of reviewing, confirming, editing (if necessary), invoicing, and syncing notices (if required) to your internal systems. They’ll also respond to inquiries from customers, as needed. 


Deliver Affidavits

Our team of Column Reps are equipped with our cutting-edge Automated Affidavit service, which enables us to create, sign, and notarize all your affidavits via our in-house notaries. We can service both electronic and wet signatures, with a slight difference in price to the customer.




What’s Included in Column Pro:


Column Reps

Layout & Design


Custom Dashboards

Priority Support

Everything in Standard

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