We build software for
public notice.

We work with local media businesses to rewire the antiquated processes behind public notice. Together, we are upgrading the systems of old with the technology of new for the benefit of publishers and the clients they serve — governments, lawyers, banks, businesses, and even someone looking to change their name.

When technology works, it takes something difficult and makes it easy. We’ve partnered with publishers to do exactly that. As early as the formation of common law, public notice is a codified democratic principle that basically says, “If it’s important to the citizenry, you’ve got to tell them about it.” It’s a measure of honesty and integrity. Protecting people and keeping the powers that be in check. And while the principle of public notice has stood the test of time — the process, not so much.

Today, newspaper staff are overwhelmed with email chains of proofs and piles of affidavits. Governments and lawyers find themselves playing phone tag with the newspaper, uncertain how much it will cost or if their notice will be published in time. We built Column to help publishers streamline the process, deliver a delightful experience for their clients, and get home from work on time.

Probates. Bids. Budgets.

You know, all the fun stuff.

We provide publishers with a user-friendly public notice software platform to streamline operations and deliver modern solutions for their clients required by law to place notices — governments, legal services, individuals, and businesses.

Powering the Public Information Ecosystem

Introducing Column’s API

We help organizations use structured public information to better understand the communities they serve. Whether it is press associations defending public notice, nonprofits researching information access, or companies making business decisions, we revel in making public information not just accessible, but useful.

How We Got Started

“When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.”

Growing up, our founder and CEO Jake Seaton worked as a paperboy and reporter for his family’s five-generation local newspaper, the Manhattan Mercury, in the town known as the Little Apple – Manhattan, Kansas. Jake’s lifelong proximity to the industry put him in a unique position to recognize some of its biggest challenges — public notice being one of them.

For many of us, Column isn’t the first company we’ve grown and scaled. In fact, our work has attracted Columnists from Fortune 100 technology companies, high-caliber work in the federal government, and executive positions at major media companies. Together, we apply our collective skills as technologists and passion for solving hard problems to make public information systems more valuable.

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We are a wildly talented remote-first team. Sure, our Columnists are software engineers, marketers, salespeople, operators, and designers. But, we are also musicians, authors, dancers, (recovering) lawyers, former startup founders, and even award-winning filmmakers. Every Columnist has a story to tell.

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