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May 22, 2023

💸 A friendly reminder for publishers to update your invoice after editing!

Sometimes when you edit a notice, the price or publication dates change. In these cases, you might want to update the invoice, so we’ve added a nifty reminder at the end of your editing process. We hope this reminder helps ensure that the line items and amounts of your invoices stay correct, so you can always collect accurate payments.

🧩 Does Column integrate with your other ad management platform? We’ve made it better for publishers!

It’s important that Column plays well with your existing ad management system like AdPoint or VisionData. While some platforms automatically sync changes made to notices, others require manual syncing. To ensure smooth coordination between Column and your other systems, we’ve added a helpful reminder to manually sync your notices after editing if you make changes after the deadline. It’s all about making sure every puzzle piece fits together nicely for a hassle-free experience!

💌 A more comprehensive Customers table for publishers!

Previously, customers would only appear in your Customers list after you confirmed their first notice. But not anymore! As soon as someone places a notice in your newspaper for the first time, they’ll be instantly linked to your newspaper and added to your Customers table. Hopefully, this feature helps make your customer management more efficient!

May 11, 2023

🐠 You can now include images in liner ads!

Click on the new button in your text box toolbar to add images to your liner ads, or upload your ad and its image directly from your computer into the text box. Everything should show up swimmingly! You can even move the image around, add text above or below it, make it bigger and smaller… We hope this will make things a lot easier for you. Read our Help Center article for more information on how to use this new feature!

March 20, 2023

💌 Customers can leave formatting notes on notices!

We’ve given you and your customers the option to leave notes on notices that might be a little bit more high-maintenance, aka require more complex formatting. That way, if it’s too tricky for your customers to use our text editor to format their larger files, they can still communicate with you via Column about how their notice should be handled. For now, notes are only available for notices submitted without formatting — check the Help Center to learn more about this flow.

🏡 Making customers feel at home in Column, right away.

It used to be that when you uploaded notices on behalf of certain customers, they were automatically registered in Column as individuals. They didn’t get the chance to join organizations, even if their colleagues were already part of organizations on Column. Now, these customers will have the option to join their existing organization from the get-go, so they can access the right affidavits, invoices, and shared notice history right away. Or, if they’re the first to the party, these customers can create a new organization and invite new members to join.

🪶 Notices of a feather can now folder together.

We heard from you that it was difficult to organize your notices after you downloaded them from Column. Now, when you download your notices into a folder from Column, you can choose to group them in folders by notice type! Yep — your pagination process just sped up a notch. This update applies for publishers with custom notice types who download notices manually from Column.