Column Training Guide:
How to Place a Public Notice

Submit notices on your own time and get everything you need
— invoices, affidavits, notice proofs — all in one place.

3 Easy Steps for Placing a Notice


1. Set up your Column account.


2. Submit your notice orders.


3. Pay invoices, receive affidavits and track notices all in one easy place.


What is Self-Serve Notice Placement?
And How Does It Work?

Before self-serve notice placement, you had to coordinate with the newspaper to get your notice published, which could take weeks of back-and-forth emails and phone calls. Now, you can do it in less than five minutes, on your own time.
Take something off your to-do list. With self-serve notice placement, you don’t have to worry about it anymore — it’s just done.

Notice Templates

Follow easy on-screen prompts directing you to input information.

Smart Scheduling

Set the exact run dates for your notice and select the number of runs necessary.

Status Updates

Get notifications about what’s happening with your notice at every stage in the process.

24/7 Submission

File your notices in advance of their publication date, whenever is easiest for you.

Online Invoices

Receive your invoice in an automatic email and in your account as soon as you file your notice.

Automated Affidavits

Get your affidavit in your account as soon as your notice has run and your invoice has been paid.

Help Guides for Placing Notices


“How do I pay for my notice?”
“How do I cancel my notice?”
“When will I get my affidavit?”
“What payment methods do you accept?”
“How do I edit my notice?”
“How do I see what’s happening to my notice?”

Can’t find your question here?

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Download Column’s
User Manual

For a comprehensive guide on using Column, you can download our user manual.

Why Customers Like Self-Serve:

“At first I was thinking, great, another thing I have to learn to use, but as soon as I went into Column and checked it out, it was a heck of a lot easier and a whole lot better.”

Kendal Hampton, Administrative Assistant, Fort Wayne Citilink, Indiana

“I sent in our legal notice using the new Column system and that was the simplest and easiest submission ever, I think everyone needs to take advantage of that!”

Manager for AECOM

“I like the ease of the site. It only takes a couple of minutes to upload my notice, see the proof, and quote! I love it!”

Legal Clerk for Lyon County, Kansas

"I place notices with multiple papers in Kansas and it makes my life a lot easier knowing there is the same process for everyone."

Paralegal at Millsap & Singer

"Sometimes it is very difficult placing a notice with a newspaper because you have to go to try and find their website, phone number, and/or email them with specific criteria. I wish I could simply place all of my legals through this tool. The processing fee is totally worth it."

Paralegal at Wilson, Brewer & Munson

"Before Column, it took a long time (sometimes 3 days) from start to finish, including mailing-in my notice, having it created and sent back to me for checking, and then approving it, etc. I like that it is immediate, and you can see the outlay as it will be printed. I like that I can look back at previous notices; I can check what notices have not been paid, and my affidavits are online too. Column will save you time, it's efficient and user friendly."

Village of Sherman Clerk-Treasurer

Case Study

“So Easy a Baby Could Do It” — Public Transportation Company Gets Time Back on Public Notice

Kendal Hampton is the administrative assistant at Fort Wayne Citilink, the public transportation operator for the Fort Wayne and Allen County metro area in Indiana. One of the many tasks that falls on Hampton’s shoulders is posting public notices in Fort Wayne’s local newspaper — the Journal Gazette — for all of Citilink’s board and committee meetings.

Case Study

Legal Services Cut Time on Notices by 50% with Column

Wilson, Brewer & Munson was recently asked by their local paper, the CourierTraveler, to start using Column to place public notices with their newspaper of record. Thanks to the new software, the law firm has reduced time spent on public notice by 50% and gained confidence that they are getting the best deals for their clients.

Case Study

How Butler County Times-Gazette Streamlined Process with Column

Rhonda Zinn, regional accounts manager at the Butler County Times-Gazette in El Dorado, Kansas, likes that her customers took to using Column as quickly as she did: as soon as she showed them how to use the software to file a notice once, they picked it up right away. “Sometimes I encounter customers who aren’t as thrilled as I am about learning a new system,” she admitted. “But once they try Column for the first time, they’re always good with it. It’s all about taking that initial step. I’ve found that after everyone uses it to do one notice, there aren’t any more problems.”