Introducing Notice by Mail: You Can Now Mail Letters Through Column

By Casey Allen  •  Product Manager  •  November 30, 2022
Column Wiki

Column’s R&D team has been hard at work developing new features to benefit our users. Following our release of Column Planrooms last month, we are now releasing another tool: Notice by Mail.

Notice by Mail is a new feature built into our public notice placement software for local governments and law firms who need to mail out documents related to notices. Using Column’s Notice by Mail tool completely eliminates the hassle of stuffing envelopes by hand and stressing about getting your letters mailed on time. Now, Column users can provide Column with their delivery and deadline details, then sit back and relax while Column stuffs the envelopes, sends out the letters, tracks the mailings, and provides comprehensive updates every step of the way.

To use this new tool, users can simply enter in the necessary information while placing the relevant public notice through the notice placement flow, such as documents to be mailed, sender return address, date to mail, along with some other information.

Column charges a small fee per envelope in return for preparing the documents, envelopes, and letter tracking.

If you want to start using Notice by Mail, fill out the form below.