The Brief: Fall 2022

August 31, 2022 at 12:00pm ET

Our second installment of The Brief looks at exciting developments from this past quarter at Column. Learn about how we’re deploying our Series A funds, what it means to be a public benefit corporation, and the newest ways Column is making public information systems more valuable for publishers.

User Feedback In Action

Column’s Product and Engineering teams rely on feedback from users to inform new features and improvements, and drive efficiencies for our customers. Megan Villanueva, Product Manager, shares an overview of the latest product improvements.

Launching Affidavit Automation

If anything should be automated, it’s affidavits. Aakash Malhotra from our Strategy and Operations team launches Column’s new affidavit automation feature. Now available for all publishers.

Introducing Column’s R&D Program

Casey Allen, Product Manager, R&D, introduces the Procurement Pilot. For the first time, newspapers can offer their government customers easy access to procurement technology in partnership with Marketplace.City.

API Access to Public Notice Data

Column has partnered with press associations across the United States to host searchable public notice websites. We have spent thousands of hours writing customized parsers and extraction algorithms to surface notices from as many local communities as possible. Our API surfaces 60+ notice type categories published by government agencies, legal services, banks, and businesses.

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