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Case Studies

Structuring Public Notice for Policy Advocates

Client: State Press Associations (17 states including California, Florida, and Texas)

Purpose: Improving access to public notices in the United States

Column has partnered with press associations across the United States to host searchable public notice websites. We have spent thousands of hours writing customized parsers and extraction algorithms to surface notices from as many local communities as possible. Our API surfaces 60+ notice type categories published by government agencies, legal services, banks, and businesses.

Local Journalism Improves Health Outcomes

Client: Stanford Health Communication Initiative

Purpose: Understand the relationship between information access and health outcomes. 

Column has partnered with the Stanford Health Communication Initiative to analyze the relationship between access to quality journalism and health outcomes in communities across the US. By combining research on news deserts from Harvard’s Shorenstein Center and large-scale economic and health datasets, we show that misinformation correlates with negative health outcomes and a lack of access to care within communities. Read more about our findings in our upcoming report.

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Our API helps you focus on building with information that matters and not waste time maintaining text parsers and GIS datasets.

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